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Please avoid contact with any perfumes, lotions, water, and oils (with the exception of lava stone and some wood beads, which can be used with essential oils).

Remember to be gentle with your jewelry (no unnecessary tugging, pulling, etc.) Everything here is handmade! :)

Please do not sleep, shower, or exercise with your jewelry.

Please keep jewelry out of the reach of children. This jewelry is not recommended for wear by children under the age of 12. If you choose to let your child (of any age) wear any of our creations, they MUST be supervised during wear. As with any jewelry (especially those with small parts), it can pose a choking or strangulation hazard. (I know we as parents use our common sense and intuition, but I have also seen a toddler pull a stretchy bracelet over his head and around his neck sooo I just want to cover our bases here!!)


These bracelets are made on durable stretch cord and made to withstand normal wear. To help keep them in tip-top shape, please roll them on and off (instead of pulling).


Many of my creations contain metal components (pendants with electroplated edges, metal spacer beads, clasps, etc.). I do my best to use high quality materials, but all metal tarnishes over time! To preserve the life of your pieces, please store your jewelry in an airtight baggie when it's not being worn.

Metal components can be polished with a jewelry-polishing cloth.